Luis Gaviria is a high impact inspirational speaker, author, and professional coach. He has been featured on WLRN PBS Miami, Telemundo, Univisión, Televid, LifeDesignTV, American Latino TV. He presented “Universo Interior”, his own show (Inner Universe) in PBS, dedicated to the exploration of human nature. He presents his «Neurociencias y Coaching» show (Neuroscience & Coaching) on LifeDesign.

He specializes in coaching and training leaders in personal and organizational transformation processes. His mission is to transform lives towards excellence and happiness, in sustainable and meaningful ways.


As an inspirational speaker, his message and teachings derived from real life are both profound and practical. As a psychophysiologist, he worked as a member of brain surgery teams. His protocols for awake craniotomy and rehab help patients in regaining health and functionality in shorter times and with extraordinary outcomes. He applies neuroscience to mind-body interaction, in order to create meaningful and healthy lifestyles.

He is the Director and Provost at the Neuroscience & Coaching Institute, where leaders are trained in powerful coaching and mentoring approaches, to get their results to higher levels. He is also the chairman at Gaventerprise Group Corporation an American consulting firm, that designs and deploys human and organizational development processes, all this with the help of a great team of consultants. He is currently the President-Elect for 2022 of the International Association of Coaching, IAC.

His main areas of interest are:

  • Coaching as an essential tool for transformational and highly effective leaders. Luis is a Master Coach Trainer at Neuroscience & Coaching Institute.
  • His potent training course, «Think, Act & Succeed» has helped thousands in achieving great levels of success, reaching enormous personal transformation, with a great impact their lives and business.
  • Neuroscience & Coaching: Neurocoaching – His version of Neurocoaching, Neuroscience Base Coaching is a powerful discipline that enhances personal motivation and clarity of purpose, offering tremendous possibilities for personal and professional development.
  • HSE (Health Safety Environment) & SBC (BBS: Behavior Based Safety) – Neuroscience and Coaching Leadership Training geared towards accident free, highly productive industries.
  • Cultural Transformation Process Consulting
  • His «Train the Trainers» programs tap into the organizations own leadership and teaching resources, offering a highly cost-effective means for multiplying and deploying training processes.

Some of his Clients

  • US Department of Education, Miami School District
  • Ecopetrol (Largest oil company in Colombia)
  • PDVSA (Largest oil company in Venezuela)
  • Bancolombia (Largest bank in Colombia)
  • Praxis Global (Top Trainers for the Oil and Gas industry in the Middle East)
  • Ross Industries
  • Clínica Las Américas
  • Hospital Pablo Tobón Uribe
  • Saxon Energy Services