Luis Gaviria & Associates is now the Neuroscience & Coaching Institute

NCI is a beautiful project that we started when I closed my clinical practice in 2008. In the company of a select team of professionals, we dedicated ourselves to teaching and sharing the best of what we have learned in our lives, both professionally and personally.

NCI provides training and guidance to managers and transformative leaders who generate results


We train leaders in the art and science of transformative coaching, while also guiding individuals through their personal and professional journeys.


We equip leaders to multiply their experiences and leave a valuable legacy of life strategies and professional development insights.


An essential foundation of effective leadership. That's why we train our students and clients in developing skills for impactful communication.


Our teachings are grounded in practical neuroscience to enhance the understanding of human nature. We are pioneers in Neurocoaching and Neuromentoring.

Some of our clients

They Say...

Carlos Avila, MD

Medical Specialist and Professional Neurocoach

"Graduating from the Neuroscience & Coaching Institute was more exhilarating than becoming a doctor."

Diana Villa, Ing.

Food Engineer and Professional Neurocoach

"Being able to reinvent myself by assisting others in building highly meaningful personal and professional projects."

We invite you to explore the
Neuroscience & Coaching Institute

A supportive community and training hub for leaders, offering Coaching and Mentoring tools based on Neuroscience.